Birth preparation

Being a team: practical birth preparation together

A yoga-led workshop

Saturday 20th March 2021, 10am-12.30pm

£35 per couple

One of the things my partner and I wished we’d spent more time preparing before the birth of our son was the practical stuff: the postures, breath, using affirmations; so he knew how to support me.

When it came to it, we knew the theory behind birth from our antenatal classes, but we hadn’t actually spent enough time practicing stuff together. This workshop is super practical and you will leave armed with loads of techniques to help with your birth.

The workshop takes place on zoom, and I’m glad about this because you can be in your own space so you can explore these things together in a familiar environment.

Workshop content

The workshop will use techniques from pregnancy yoga, active birth, meditation and breath work to give you a range of tools to use during birth.

We’ll cover…

  • Breathing techniques to calm you, and learning how birth partners can facilitate them
  • Physical postures for different stages of labour and how birth partners can help you into them, plus the importance of touch
  • Affirmations – how to work with them, how to practice using them beforehand, and how birth partners can support using them
  • Different ways to support the production of oxytocin and how birth partners can help

Everyone is different, and every birth is different.

This workshop will be about trying things out to see what works for you and your body, so that you can come away with a plan that you are both feeling comfortable with, and you know how to use key techniques. Birth partners will be a key part of this workshop.

What’s included?

  • 2.5 hour live workshop on zoom, plus recording to come back to later
  • A free pack of affirmation cards for birth (book early so they reach you before the workshop!)
  • A postnatal and self care planner
  • Exercises to complete together after the workshop session
  • Ongoing support and tips from me whenever you need them!

What to bring and wear

  • We’ll be moving and part of the workshop will be yoga class style, so wear clothes that are comfy.
  • Make sure you’ve got drinks and snacks, plus a pen and paper.
  • If you have affirmation cards or self written affirmations that you’re already using, bring them along.
  • Gather all your comfy things – as many pillows and cushions as you can lay your hands on, plus some yoga blocks (or big books will be great), a chair, blankets if you like them, lots of layers to get comfy.
  • Candles and fairy lights can be nice, if you like to use them. Make your space special and cosy!

Who’s it for?

The workshop is best suited to birthers who are planning a vaginal birth, but the majority of the techniques we use can be incredibly helpful for a caesarean birth too.

(If you’re planning a caesarean and you’d like something specially for that, I can recommend Anna at Hackney Hypnobirthing – she is amazing!)

In terms of when in your pregnancy this might be good for you – it’s never too early to start practicing with these techniques! You’ll be welcome if you’re earlier or later in pregnancy – it’s your choice when you start to think about planning your birth.

We’ll be using yoga poses and techniques but no prior experience of yoga is needed.

During the workshop I’ll encourage you to listen in to your body so you know which postures and techniques feel right to you. If you have injuries or conditions do let me know beforehand so I can offer modifications where needed.

Contact me if you have any questions about suitability.

About me

I’m a yoga teacher and mum to a 3 year old, trained in pregnancy and postnatal yoga, movement and exercise, and I’m experienced at supporting pregnant people and their partners to prepare for birth. My teaching is evidence based and practical, with the emphasis on you finding what works for you in your body, rather than a one size fits all approach. Here’s more about me.

My partner Robert will be here for part of the workshop – he hates zoom and being on camera, but I promise he won’t be awkward and he might even speak (maybe). He has no interest in pregnancy and birth other than listening to me go on about it all the time, but as he supported me to birth our son he might have a few little interesting snippets to share.

Any questions? Contact me

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