Lockdown boxes, containing confidence cards, an eye mask and little treats. Perfect as a gift for someone who is finding lockdown challenging. More info here…

Confidence cards

I love using affirmation cards but I’ve sometimes found the designs a bit meh. I wanted cards that would bring me confidence not just through what they say, but also how they look.

So I created these bold, strong cards to help you create confidence every day. Used regularly, affirmation cards help to create positive feelings and beliefs and make you feel incredible. Keep them near you or pin them up around your house for maximum effect. 

Perfect as a gift to yourself or someone who could use a little lift.

Available as a little box of confidence – a mini pack of 10 cards for every day, or a little box of birth confidence – 20 special cards to use as you approach the birth of your baby.

A little box of confidence

A mini box of 10 cards with only the most powerful and motivational affirmations to help you feel incredible and ready to face anything.

£8 and free delivery

A little box of birth confidence

A box of 20 cards for pregnant people to use to build confidence as you prepare for birth and remind you what an incredible, powerful person you are.

£13.50 and free delivery

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