Women’s loss sharing circle

A very special offering, coming on 15th October.

This incredibly special women’s circle will be open to all who have experienced loss in whatever way – miscarriage, stillbirth, ectopic pregnancy, chemical pregnancy, termination and more. It doesn’t matter when your loss was – we will welcome you with open arms to this circle of like-minded souls.

I felt called to put this group together with Hattie because of the real lack of support I experienced during my two losses. I love going to women’s circles because they feel like such places of kindness, hope and understanding. I’d love for you to join us on the 15th and just be in the company of other people who get it.

Run by Hattie and Lizzie, who both have personal experience of loss, and have found great comfort in talking, sharing, and simply being in the company of other women who really understand. There will be no ‘at least you got pregnant’ or ‘you can always try again’ chat here – this is going to be a gathering of women who have shared the journey of loss. It will be a space to listen, process and share – so no advice but more an opportunity to share without judgement.

During this circle, we will share a short yoga practice to help to release and reconnect with our bodies; we’ll take a mindfulness practice together to start to tune in to ourselves; and we’ll do some journalling (with prompts) and a mini sharing ceremony. We will acknowledge the pain of our loss but find the joy and healing in being united together as people who have experienced this.

You don’t need any experience in yoga, meditation or journalling to join us.

Please be assured that if you don’t feel like sharing anything on the day, you absolutely don’t have to. There will be the option to chat and share if you like but you’re also welcome to keep everything private. 

This event is not run for profit, and anything we make beyond our costs will be donated to the Mariposa Trust.

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