Postnatal classes

This is the kinda chaos we face as mums doing yoga 😂 so it’ll all be very chilled and relaxed!

Fancy trying out some yoga at home or with your antenatal group?

Getting together to do fun stuff with your baby has been pretty non-existent recently, so I’m here to help. I can come to you for some yoga – either you and baby privately or your group of mum friends.

I teach postnatal yoga that’s designed especially for your body. And sorry (not sorry) but no nursery rhymes here (there are loads of places you can get that and my singing voice is not the one 😂)

We can work together to build a set of sessions that suit you completely – so if you’re struggling with achy shoulders, pelvic floor issues, or back pain, we can work on that. It’ll be chilled and relaxed – plenty of time to feed, comfort babies and chat, but you’ll also learn loads about how to support and strengthen your body postnatally.

I charge £50 for an hour for up to 8 people, so if there are a few of you this would work out even cheaper than going along to a public class, and it’s all perfectly designed for you! Plus I’ll come to you so you can be completely relaxed in your own (or your friend’s) surroundings.

Contact me to talk about what we could do or to ask any questions 💜

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