Postnatal yoga

Postnatal yoga is an incredibly powerful way to reconnect with your body after giving birth, and to strengthen and recover after you’ve had your baby.

Because of coronavirus, I’m currently unable to offer in-person yoga classes, but I’m running private postnatal yoga over Zoom or Whatsapp, and I’ll be setting up online classes shortly. For more info, please contact me.

In-person class schedule (not currently running)

  • Wednesdays 10.30-12pm, Autonomy yoga studio (Abington), 2a Allen Road

Postnatal yoga

I have been trained to provide yoga that supports you safely as your body recovers during the fourth trimester and beyond. Everything we cover is designed to support you in your recovery – physically and mentally.

Babies are welcome in my postnatal classes, and although the class is for you and your recovery, there’s plenty of time for feeding, cuddling and napping (and screaming if needed!).

Get in touch with any questions you have about practicing yoga postnatally.

Rest, nurture and revitalise: 6 week postnatal yoga course

Quite often when you have a baby, there’s loads of attention given to the time while you’re pregnant and to the birth of your baby, then after birth, slowly the appointments and visits tail off and it can feel really isolating and exhausting. 

Postnatal yoga is here for you to spend a blissful hour each week to take care of yourself and your own needs so that you have the energy to be the best mum you can be. This course is a 1 hour yoga class (with your baby) followed by homemade snacks and tea in the lovely seating area where you can chat and get to know each other.


Wednesdays 10.30-12pm from 22nd April-27 May


Autonomy yoga studio, Upstairs at 2a Allen Road, Abington, NN1 4ER


£75 for course of 6

In this six week course, we’ll cover:
  • rest, rest and more rest! There will be lots of time to enjoy real, nourishing rest which will help you to deal with the stresses of having a newborn baby. I’ll teach you postures and techniques that you can recreate at home to enjoy during those moments when your baby is napping
  • how to exercise your pelvic floor post-baby, how to access the muscles and how to do the exercises properly for good recovery
  • classes that progress from more restful to more dynamic as we move through the course, specially designed to support you at your stage of postnatal recovery and help you to build your strength as we go along
  • postures, movements and practices that involve your baby too.
What this course is..
  • an opportunity for you to relax and unwind each week, to feel totally nourished in a supportive environment with other people who understand what you’re going through
  • time for you to meet other local mums
  • a great way to learn techniques that can help you if you’re feeling anxious or low, or if you’re experiencing postnatal depression. 
  • a small group (a maximum of 6 mums and their babies)
…and what it isn’t!
  • although this course is for you, baby isn’t left out, and it is a brilliant way to bond with your baby. But this isn’t a baby yoga or baby massage course.
  • a diet, new mum exercise plan, or anything to do with ‘bouncing back’. The course is about celebrating where you are, what your body has been through, and adjusting to new parenthood.
  • and it’s absolutely not a place where you’ll be judged about birth experiences, feeding choices, parenting, or anything else. Everything is welcome here.
What you’ll get:
  • First and foremost, you’ll get enjoyable, safe and specially designed yoga classes to help with your postnatal recovery.
  • You’ll get the opportunity to meet other mums with babies a similar age as yours, and chat about the challenges and joys of motherhood. Postnatal yoga is a great way to form your mum tribe – I am still friends with some of the amazing women I met on the course I went to after I had my son.
  • After the course, I’ll also send you a booklet which you can use at home – because I want you to be able to draw on the practical things that you learn to help you after the course has finished. You’ll get instructions and information about the key things you can do to help your body recover postnatally, as well as reminders of the postures that we have done together so you can recreate these at home if you like, including photos and videos.
  • You’ll get a goody bag with lots of lovely stuff, including offers and samples of gorgeous things for you and your baby.
  • Tasty snacks and drinks after the class which you can enjoy in comfort in the lovely library area of the yoga studio.

The course is suitable for you if you’ve had your 6 week check with the doctor and have been signed off for exercise (this may be longer for those who have had caesarean births). You may be ready for the course sooner than this depending on the birth you had and your general recovery – please contact me

You’re welcome to come along any time up until your baby is on the move. (I may offer a toddler class at some point in the future, but I haven’t quite figured out how to do this without complete chaos yet!)

The practical things:
  • bring your baby! And if your baby needs to feed, cry or be changed during the class, don’t worry – there’s plenty of time to do whatever you need
  • all equipment that you need (mats, yoga props, a soft towel for your baby to lie on, baby toys to keep them entertained) and refreshments after the class are the provided
  • pushchairs can be left downstairs in the entrance area, and there’s plenty of room for all the things you need to bring for your baby.
About me

I’m a yoga teacher, pregnancy and postnatal specialist yoga teacher, postnatal doula and mum of a 2 year old. I trained at Yoga Quota in Oxford and I teach all kinds of yoga classes across Northampton. Postnatally, yoga became such an important part of my recovery after I had my son, and had such a positive impact on my mental health. I can’t wait to share this course.

Private sessions

If you can’t make the course or prefer to have private yoga, I offer sessions in your own home for postnatal recovery (with baby) where everything’s tailored to you. Get in touch to book a session.

Any questions?

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