Pregnancy resources and support

I’ll carry on adding to these resources as we go, so please check back for more info throughout the course.

Breathing and meditation exercises

We explore these in more detail throughout the course but here are standalone recordings of some of the techniques that can be useful during (and after) pregnancy.

Golden thread breath:

Exhale lengthening breath:

Loving kindness meditation:

Mental health support

Your first port of call if you are feeling low or anxious during pregnancy or after birth is your midwife, GP or health visitor. There are different systems across the country and you’ll be directed to support in different ways depending on where you live. The below options are also a great place to have a look at and find out more info.

Dr Emma Svanberg, the Mumologist, is very active in the area of pregnancy and postnatal mental health and shares loads of useful information on her social media and website:

Pandas Foundation offer email support and a helpline to help people with pre and postnatal mental health issues.


Rach Pitson is based in the North West and offers courses online

Alix and Jade of The Birth Uprising are based in Northampton and have very popular online courses, as well as breastfeeding support and baby massage classes

Collen Stewart, Harmony Hypnobirthing is offers classes in Kent and SE London and online

Birthing and your rights

Birthrights is a UK based organisation advocating for your rights in birth, and they have helpful factsheets on their site

Evidence about birthing positions is really helpfully detailed here:

Make birth better is an organisation working in the area of birth trauma and they have lots of helpful advice and information

Books, apps and other resources

These are some of the places I’ve found interesting and useful information to help me make my own decisions around pregnancy, birth and parenting.

Expecting science – a blog from which did a great deal to reassure me about what the evidence says on key issues:

Yoni Shakti by Uma Dinsmore-Tuli is a huge and amazing book which is full of interesting things about the feminine, history of females in yoga, practices for all stages of life as a female. Uma is a powerhouse in women’s yoga and I especially enjoyed her account of the postnatal period.

Expecting better by Emily Oster is a book I really enjoyed reading during my pregnancy as it gives you an insight into the evidence for the things we are told to do/not do during pregnancy.

Informed is best by Amy Brown is a book which helped me to build a lot of confidence around not just navigating through the huge amount of info available, but also about trusting my intuition.

For after baby is born, I found The Wonder Weeks book and app to be incredibly interesting and also helping to explain why Ray was unsettled at certain times. If you’re interested in child development and learning, it’s a really interesting resource to have on hand.

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