Workshops and longer practices

I offered a couple of new practices during February on zoom: one about deep rest, and one about natural movement and play. I’ll plan in some more in the next couple of months – contact me if you’d like to be the first to hear about them.

In these sessions we’ll depart a bit from our usual classes and explore and go deeper, allowing time to do something different. For me, the key to a long term yoga practice that serves me as my life changes has been to try lots of different things so that I know what I need.

All of these workshops are pay what you can, as I want to make them as accessible as possible.

Saturday night rest and recharge

Saturday 6th February, 7-8.30pm

An extended practice of 1.5 hours to go deeper into rest and to allow ourselves to recharge.

As we enter week 4958732 of lockdown, it feels more common to be drawn towards those times of rest and quiet, because even though we’re spending much more time alone than ever, we also need the space to be able to process what’s going on around us. 

This session will be suitable for everyone (including pregnancy and postnatal), with options offered to suit your body and your energy levels. The session with include mindful, slow movement to ease out aches followed by some held postures to help us go deeper and relax further. If you came to my yin practices last summer this workshop will be similar to that. We’ll take lots of time to settle in, and comfort will be what we’re going for – deep relaxation to enable us to recharge.

This one’s for you if:

  • you fancy some time to yourself
  • you are finding relaxation and rest challenging right now
  • you’re absolutely exhausted
  • you want to slow things down

Beyond the mat: exploring natural movement and play

Saturday 13th February, 9-10am

This class/mini workshop will be an exploration of movement beyond the traditional yoga class (and it might look like the video above, or it might not!).

Lately my own personal practice looks less and less like the usual yoga we do in class. I’ve been inspired by calisthenics and natural movement practitioners, as well as yoga teachers who favour playful moves. However, I’ve found that very often these classes are led by muscley men and don’t feel very accessible or celebrate the diversity of our bodies. I’m interested in exploring this as someone who has enjoyed having a go, but also as someone who is heavy and absolutely cannot do the human flag (google it!).

This workshop is for us to start to explore and play with balance, crawling, move joints, work into foot strength, make shapes, get into our own bodies, using bodyweight only. It’ll be fun and different, I promise!

It’ll be more dynamic than our usual classes but as always, I’ll make lots of suggestions to ensure it suits your body. It’ll be suitable if you’re a beginner or more experienced with yoga, and you’re welcome to join if you’re postnatal. Unfortunately because of the intensity of some of the exercises involved it won’t be suitable if you’re currently pregnant (however please do let me know if you’d like to pointers for how to bring more of these kinds of moves into your movement or exercise routine).

This one’s for you if:

  • you’re feeling bored and want something new to switch things up a little
  • you fancy something a bit more energetic and dynamic, an extra physical challenge
  • you want to try building more strength and balance in your practice
  • you’ve ever thought about trying calisthenics but you’ve been put off by the human flags and men with no shirts on

Any questions? Contact me

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