About me

I’m Lizzie and when I first did yoga I hated it.

At the first class I went to, I was the biggest person there by an absolute mile, and even though it was a beginner’s class everyone could touch their toes and I got nowhere near. The teacher didn’t know what to do with me or how to make the postures work. It made me feel out of place and uncomfortable in my own skin.

That feeling is what drove me to become a yoga teacher. I sought out a training course that focussed on making yoga for everyone, and for adapting the postures to suit all bodies. I trained with Yoga Quota in Oxford for both my initial 200 hour certification and my 85 hour pregnancy and postnatal specialist training, because of their evidence-based, non-judgmental approach.

Yoga helped me make friends with my body at so many stages in my life: through the difficult 20s, through body image challenges, through an unexpected miscarriage and the healing after that, through my second pregnancy with my son Ray and now with my fab mum bod.

Route to being a doula

When I had Ray at the start of 2018 (the very start…new year’s day in fact! Unexpected but that’s a story for another day…) I was propelled into motherhood and felt completely unprepared for how it would feel. We were living in London and I didn’t have family close enough to pop in regularly and I felt quite cut off and isolated. I also felt completely exhausted and not really sure what had just happened!

Sleep deprived!

As friends started to have babies too, I found myself supporting them in the ways that I really wanted as a new mum, like bringing food parcels and being a shoulder to cry on. I realised that the phrase ‘it takes a village to raise a child’ is completely true, yet we are more cut off from our communities and families than ever. For me, this started a new passion: to support people during their pregnancy and beyond, and I took my postnatal doula training in 2019.

What you’ll get from my yoga classes

  • A practice that works for you. I’ll never suggest that a pose needs to look in a certain way. I’ll encourage you to explore how a pose feels in your body, and work within your body’s range of movement. I use lots and lots of props so feel free to bring along your favourite cushion or block or whatever you like to use as well.
  • Absolutely zero diet culture. It’s toxic and doesn’t belong in a yoga studio. My job as a yoga teacher is to help you towards acceptance, or celebration if that feels right, of the body you have. Your body is absolutely excellent as it is right now. I am a Health at Every Size practitioner (more about HAES here) and I’m actively engaged in working to break down stigma in the wellness industry.
  • Teaching based on evidence, safety and compassion. I will always seek to explain instructions rather than touching, and I will always ask for consent before adjusting or assisting you.
  • But also – fun! Yoga for me is a chance to explore my body and connect with myself, but also do fun new postures and fall over. I’m also a fan of practicing to bassy music (100% garage girl).

My qualifications and training


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