About me

I’m Lizzie and when I first did yoga I hated it.

At the first class I went to, I was the biggest person there by an absolute mile, and even though it was a beginner’s class everyone could touch their toes and I got nowhere near. The teacher didn’t know what to do with me or how to make the postures work. It made me feel out of place and uncomfortable in my own skin.

That feeling is what drove me to become a yoga teacher. I sought out a training course that focussed on making yoga for everyone, and for adapting the postures to suit all bodies. I trained with Yoga Quota (now Nourish Yoga Training) in Oxford for both my initial 200 hour certification and my 85 hour pregnancy and postnatal specialist training, because of their evidence-based, non-judgmental approach.

Yoga helped me make friends with my body at so many stages in my life: through the difficult 20s, through body image challenges, through an unexpected miscarriage and the healing after that, through my second pregnancy with my son Ray and now to being the strongest physically that I’ve ever been.

Other things I do

I’m a qualified postnatal doula which means that I work to support parents as they transition into life with a new baby. Obviously Covid has affected how much I can do this in person at the moment, but I’m using my experience and training to support the people that I work with in so many different ways. Postnatal care, fostering relationship between parents and babies and navigating the crazy world with a small person in tow is my passion, and my approach to pregnancy and postnatal yoga classes puts compassion, choice and inclusivity at the heart of everything I teach.

Sleep deprived!

What you’ll get from my classes

  • A practice that works for you. I’ll never suggest that a pose needs to look in a certain way. I’ll encourage you to explore how a pose feels in your body, and work within your body’s range of movement. I use lots and lots of props so feel free to bring along your favourite cushion or block or whatever you like to use as well.
  • A way to connect to your body. So much of the time in this world we’re very disconnected from what’s going on in our bodies. Yoga as a practice can help us to get back in touch and nourish ourselves.
  • Inclusivity. Everyone is different, but everyone can do yoga. Whether you have an injury or condition, or you just haven’t done yoga before, I’d love to support you to start a practice that can support you throughout your life.
  • Teaching based on evidence, safety and compassion. I’m fully trained and always learning. I’m fascinated by how the body works, how the nervous system works, how breath works. My teaching is always grounded in what is safe and what works for you, without any judgment.
  • But it’s not serious. Yoga and movement practices for me are a chance to explore my body and connect with myself, but also do fun new postures and fall over. Often in classes there’ll be time to have a play, see what happens and probably wobble or fall over a bit.

My qualifications and courses


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