People who come to my classes are all different body shapes and sizes, different ages and life stages. I welcome them all, and I learn from them all!

I welcome feedback and my inbox is always open if you have questions or if there are things you’d like to discuss.

What people are saying…

I’m in my mid-fifties and have never been very flexible, but have often wanted to join a yoga class to help both my body and mind. I’ve now attended 6 of Lizzie’s classes and they are more than I had hoped for. I look forward to going each week and leave feeling both relaxed and energised.

Lizzie is calm, caring and supportive and she encourages everyone to work to their own abilities and to listen to their own bodies. 

I highly recommend that you treat yourself to Lizzie’s yoga classes too.


Can’t wait to do more pregnancy yoga with Lizzie, I feel so relaxed!


As a recent convert to the joys and benefits of yoga I really appreciate Lizzie’s inclusive approach to our practice in her classes.

I always feel engaged and challenged in the nicest possible way!

Mrs B

I really enjoy your classes and they are really helping me to learn to relax, and benefit my mental health too. 

Ms F

You are make learning yoga so accessible to someone like me who has difficulties sometimes. Thank you. You made it so I can start to bring some exercise and zen in my life. That was much needed.

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